When a nation wants to conquer another nation, the first thing it does is destroy the culture of the target people.  The British did this to India, and then created artificial division between the Hindus and the Muslims.  They destroy the culture essentially by teaching the people that what they have been doing is antiquated and having them reject it by themselves, then divide and conquer…  Even though our western culture is essentially Christian, very much compromised by the rejection of “Thou shall not kill,” there is still some semblance of piety and morality.  The “conquering nation” of subterranean and other demons in the disguise of homeosapiens wants to alleviate any remains of Godly culture, and put their own Satan/demonic worship in place.

We are in a war against the evil influence trying to destroy anything good and Godly.  It is a real war between those who want to erase God and Godliness and the devotees of the Lord.  The evil is so much in our faces that we can hardly see it, but it is clearly there if we will only step back and look. Our goal is not to try to destroy the demonic infiltrators on a physical level.  However, if their agenda and propaganda are destroyed by God Conscious, Krishna Conscious education, it will be an even greater victory, the real victory.  People will have the opportunity to wake up, exit the illusion, and return to their innate God Consciousness by proper knowledge regarding what is our real, joyful existence and what is the purpose of life.

People are being taught to have opinions on the issues that the propaganda machines put in their faces, but are not taught to recognize the propaganda itself.  There is a lacking of real spiritual knowledge. The religious institutions, for the most part, have become so embroiled in dogma, sentimentality, hypocrisy, politics, and deviation from scriptural injunction that they are hardly any longer a true shelter and source of proper education, and more importantly, example.

There are many societal issues that are being created, provoked and empowered by the purposefully misguiding “teachings” of those who seek to destroy the culture of God Consciousness.  These are meant to inspire the population to participate in the fruitless and depressing realm of hedonism and false identification with the body.  This essay intends to address the currently popular issue of transgenderism.

Many years ago, I met a very sensitive young man who felt like a misfit in his body. He was tall, handsome, and very skilled in his health care specialty.  He was very confused, and decided to “transition” to a woman.  It was soon after his surgeries, actually, that I met him. His new breasts were placed too high, and even with his professed shyness, he flaunted and presented like a man.  He still had his elegant beaked nose, and after some time, had surgery on it, and lost any sense of physical uniqueness.  He approached me some time after that at a church dinner, very downtrodden, and said that now he really didn’t know who he was.  He didn’t ask me for counsel, he just needed to express, so I listened.  Who are we, really?  How do we get to know ourselves?  We can only come to know ourselves when we accept our relationship with God, at first intellectually, and then by realization.

The foundational concept in spiritual life is that we are not this body.  We say, “My hand, my knee, my nose,” and so on.  We say “My body.”  We do not say, “I body.” Who is the “I” who is claiming that it is “my body?”  The difference between a dead body and a living body is that the soul has departed from it.  All the chemical elements are still intact in the lifeless body, but the consciousness has departed.  We are the eternal soul, who does not perish when the body perishes.  Since we are not the body, no artificial adaptation to the body will satisfy us, including trying to so-called change genders by chemical and surgical methods.

Then, we need to address how we became encapsulated in a particular body.  There are male bodies, female bodies, human bodies, animal bodies, plant bodies, and so on.  There are attractive bodies, healthy bodies, and deformed and crippled bodies….It is not by chance how we have been placed.  This lifetime is not the only one, but we do not generally remember the experiences we have had prior to this one.  There are desires past and present, there are actions and reactions to those actions, and there is the plan of the Supreme Lord and His separated energies that control this material world.  The soul thus transmigrates from one body to another according to many factors.  There are no accidents, no mistakes on the part of God, Krishna.  We are all situated perfectly according to our desire and karma.  That has to be recognized, and accepted from the perspective of true spiritual science.

Every physical body has its accompanying subtle body.  A “trans woman” will never act or think like a biological woman, and visa-versa.  The subtle body cannot be changed with testosterone or estrogen or surgery.  It is the subtle body that determines the physical body.  The desires and focus at the time of death determine our destination.  What we practice during our lifetime will determine the consciousness at the time of passing.  However, in a society that is properly spiritually focused, there is an understanding that all forms of life in the material world, indeed, our whole sojourn here, is disorienting, as it is not our natural condition.  Our natural condition is joyful, eternal, and in full spiritual knowledge.  Our real goal, for true happiness, is to strive to exit this material tabernacle by learning to love the Lord, Śrī Krishna.  This is the highest goal of life.  This consciousness, which can save us from repeated birth and death in this world, can be instilled by practice, especially by adding Krishna to our lives in the form of chanting the mahā-mantra- Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rāma Hare Rāma Rāma Rāma Hare Hare.  If we remember Krishna at the time of death, that is our perfection.

The goal of life, therefore, is to learn to love Krishna and return to our natural abode where our form is the sublime manifestation of our unique loving reciprocation with the Lord.

Currently, however, real spiritual education is lacking from society in general.   Strong, spiritually based family and community is essential for fulfilling the purpose of life, and thus, the evil agenda is to try to destroy that foundation in so many ways, including the popularization of “transgenderism.” If there is strong spiritual education from the beginning of life, based on the books and other teachings of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Śrīla Prabhupāda, there is real shelter for our youth and everyone else.  The need is there for spiritual education and the development of God Consciousness.  It is the only solution to the perceived problems of life.  Without that, there is no shelter or even peace for the growing child or for anyone else.

When we look around us, we see so many life forms.  The grass in the pastures, the trees, the fish, the birds, the mammals, on and on.  If we study all of them, we can see that their consciousness is not able to study and understand philosophical issues and make an endeavor to achieve the purpose of life.  Even if we are questioning our gender in this human form, we are still in a human body with the facility of meaningful inquiry as to our purpose and the ability to apply ourselves to it.  We must rejoice in the great opportunity that the human form affords us.  It is a rare and fleeting opportunity, and we must take advantage of it.  It would be a great shame to waste it.