There is an evil agenda at play, and there is the real transcendent Truth.  The two are always at odds, even though the evil agenda is also subservient to the Supreme Personality of Godhead.  In modern terms, it is playing out as an information war.  The evil agenda has as its means and its end, to destroy God consciousness and those who endeavor to teach it.  There is almost unending propaganda on the part of the demoniac class that entices people into greater and greater sin, and we at Purely Prabhupāda are presenting the education, the Godly propaganda, to assist people in returning to their innate, original, and joyful God consciousness.

People must stop living in a way that has created such dramatic karmic reaction as we are experiencing in the world today.  There has to be positive, God-centered education that can be readily applied. For example, a cancer patient, after treatment, cannot continue to live the same lifestyle that created or supported the cancer, if there is any intelligence at all.  There has to be a change of diet, of habits, and especially of mindset in order for a “cure” to materialize.  In the same way, a society based on illicit sex, gambling, meat eating, and intoxication is a sick society, and one that becomes sicker with each step into hellish activity.  There is a cancer growing in society, and it is fueled by the sinful activities of the population.  The propaganda of the evil and demonic beings seductively leads the world only into increased suffering, offering the promise and the illusion that greater happiness and self-discovery will come from it.

For example, there is the popular topic of homosexuality.  When I was guest lecturing in the religious studies department of a well-known university in the mid 1990s, sometimes the students would ask how I would address the issue of same-sex partners in terms of Krishna Conscious philosophy.  It was actually fairly simple at the time.  We would go over the foundational point of Krishna Consciousness that we are not the body, and then speak that any activity that unduly serves the body is not conducive to spiritual development.  Sexual activity is the binding force in this material world, so any sexual activity, hetero or homo, or any other activity for that matter that simply tries to seek some temporary sense pleasure is not condoned.  It is another issue how to deal with homosexuality on a personal, compassionate, and considerate level if someone feels they are hard-wired that way, or it developed as a reaction to abuse or other traumatic experiences, and to address that here is not my purpose.

The point is, many years ago, a simple explanation based on fundamental philosophical points usually satisfied even the most invested challenger.  However, in comparison, more recently, there has been aggressive propaganda to try to get people to explore the homosexual experience, even if they have not previously considered it.  The media presents it as “cool” and fashionable, a means of expressing and honoring the “true” self, and the educational system upholds and promotes this demoniac fantasy, working to degrade human society into less than animals on many fronts.  They start with the young children, destroying their innate God Consciousness and replacing it with indoctrination that hardly leaves room for their eventual acceptance of the real nature of the soul.  In this way, the minions become further and further removed from their own true qualities, having become conquered by the demoniac class in a manner that makes them feel that they are experiencing liberation.

The popularization of homosexuality is only one issue.  There are many.  And they all serve to create separation from one another and distance us from God, Krishna, Who is the source of all pleasure, and the Supreme Father of all living beings.

The propaganda of the Lord, Sri Krishna, and His pure servants is uplifting and freeing in every regard, and opens up our relationship with the loving and uniquely reciprocating Lord Who in fact becomes controlled by our love for Him.  Only the pure rendering of transcendental topics, and the acceptance of them by at least some portion of the population, can defeat the influences of those who seek to take us further and further away from God and closer and closer to hellish existence.

In referencing the analogy of curing a cancer, there must similarly be a change of diet, of lifestyle, and of mindset (the development of God consciousness) in order for the ailments of society to be obliterated.  Everyone wants their freedoms, their rights, but there is essentially no information out there that shows how to clean the heart, how to live without sin, how to approach God.  If right now, the world went back to its condition, say, before what is known as the pandemic, most people would simply continue to live the way they were, content to see lower fuel and food prices, full grocery store shelves, and trying to enjoy in the same ways that created the miserable karmic reaction in the first place.

In order for the population of the world to exist happily, there has to be an acceptance of the real education of God consciousness, not only in the mind as a far-fetched concept, but applied as a lifestyle of God/Krishna consciousness.

As the demonic class of men has, as its means and its end, to destroy anything Godly, in an opposite but similar way, the means of attaining spiritual perfection is identical to the end result of the process.  The chanting of the Hare Krishna mahāmantra is both the process of achieving perfection and the perfection itself.  As the analogy was given earlier of a cancer patient, the chanting of the Holy Names of the Lord, as given in this mantra, are the only cure in this very troubled age for our miserable, materially diseased condition. The mantra is- Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rāma Hare Rāma Rāma Rāma Hare Hare.  Please add this mantra to your life.

To really create positive change will require the development of localized Krishna Conscious, family-based, sustainable communities and support systems.  It will take practical, God conscious education as given by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Śrīla Prabhupāda. It will require the congregational chanting of the Hare Krishna mahāmantra.  The Hare Krishna mahāmantra and the Lord are non-different, and thus the Lord is personally present with the chanting of His names.  The process is simple, and the results of taking to it are sublime and immediately perceived. The chanting is the practice upon which spiritual community can be solidly built. Then only can the atheistic, demoniac propaganda lose its teeth.  Then only can happiness return on an individual and planetary scale.