It was 1994 or 1995… I had gone back to college at the University of Tennessee Knoxville to catch up some neuro-anatomy and neuro-physiology courses and some other things. I lived about two and a half miles from the campus, and there were regular buses scheduled from the university apartment complexes back and forth to the university. I often got the bus that stopped at my complex at 7:30 AM and then picked up more students and staff a few blocks away.

I would sometimes listen to a radio show in the morning before getting the bus. It was an interview type show, and one morning there was a discussion of Darwin, evolution, the Big Bang, and other erroneous so-called scientific theories.

A particularly arrogant professor lived in the apartments a few blocks from mine. He was often blotchy faced in the morning and smelled like the previous night’s alcoholic binge. Those of us on the early bus were almost certainly subjected to having to listen to him spewing forth all sorts of speculative philosophies. No one ever said anything to him. The bus driver was a Christian minister, but in his role of city employee, could not enter the conversation.

The morning of the Darwin and Big Bang radio show, the professor boarded the bus. He had also listened to the radio show, and kept talking loudly about it.

I finally had enough. I interrupted him. “Professor, when the buildings on campus were built, was there originally a blueprint for each of them?”

He stopped. “Yes, of course there was.”

“So you acknowledge there was some intelligent force behind the construction?”

He was puzzled and had to agree that there was.

“You mean there was not just a pile of steel and wood and nails and concrete and then some explosion and the buildings just happened?”

He replied, “Of course not. There was a plan, there were architects, builders, contractors…”

“No big bang and the buildings simply manifested?”

He was getting miffed. Again, “Of course not!”

And then I said, “Then why the hell do you think it happened with the universe?”

He was quiet. There was a lot of tittering and giggling. The bus driver gave me a thumbs up. And the professor got off the bus two stops before his usual, as soon as we got to campus.

A neighbor of mine had gotten off the bus with the hungover professor. A few days later, when I saw him, I asked if the professor had mentioned anything to him about the exchange. My neighbor said that the professor had told him, “Gee, I never thought about it like that before.”

I hope the little incident awakened that misguided soul to greater awareness about the Supreme Lord, the Creator and Orchestrator of all that is….